To improve the physical state of the soil by increasing air content and root growth. It also helps incorporate fertiliser and top dressing.

How it’s used

Aeration can be done by hand with a fork or by pedestrian or tractor mounted aerator. Only take an aerator onto the square if conditions are right and the equipment will not mark the surface.

Timing of use

Do not aerate a cricket square prior to and during the season unless the pitch is finished with for that season. Stop aeration in early February.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Aerating during the season can encourage the surface to break up and as the surface dries the aeration holes increase in size affecting ball direction.

Equipment needed

Examine the soil profile to select equipment and tines. Seek professional advice before using large equipment or hollow tines on the square. Larger equipment can be used on the outfield.

Practical Tips

If you have a layered profile on the square, aerate prior to topdressing to help bind the layers together.

Before selecting your equipment needed, seek professional advice.