Core modules
Welcome to the core modules section, which explains some of the basic principles of groundsmanship.

Whether you're the volunteer who wants to help but doesn't know where to start or the club official who wants to improve your club's pitches then these core modules will help you. 

The following guidance is designed to provide a good understanding of the generic issues you're likely to face before you delve further into the sport-specific sections of the site.

Why groundsmanship is important

Find out why the groundsman's role is so crucial and how you can help.

Pitch maintenance

What is groundsmanship and grounds maintenance? What can you do to make a difference?



Basic maintenance equipment

What sort of equipment should all clubs have to provide a basic level of pitch maintenance?

Assessing your pitch

Find out why you should cast a critical eye over your pitch and the sorts of things to look for.

Financial considerations

It's important to consider the value of the pitch to your club's income.

How much use can a pitch take?

How do you know how much use a pitch can carry? Find out more with this guidance.

Health and safety considerations

Find out more about your responsibilities to players, members and visitors.

Further tips and training

Click here to access more modules as well as links to further support, guidance and training.

A-Z Groundsmanship

Improve your understanding of the words used by groundsmen with this easy to use glossary of terms