What basic equipment is required?

There is a very wide range of equipment available for maintaining grass pitches ranging from small hand tools to large pieces of powered equipment. What equipment is needed by a club is dependent on many factors, such as local ground conditions, the number of pitches, the financial resources and most importantly the skills and training of the groundsman who will use and operate the equipment. All clubs will require a basic level of maintenance equipment 

Essential basic equipment needed for day to day maintenance:
  • Marking machine
  • Brushes (x2)
  • Wheel barrow (x2)
  • Fork (x4)
  • Divot fork (x4)
  • Shovel (x2)
  • Spade (x2)
  • Rake (x2)
  • Springbok and rubber rake (x2)
  • 100mm Surveyors measuring tape (x2)
  • String lines and pegs (kit)
  • Tool box
  • 2m spirit level to be used as straight edge
  • Steel rule.

The above equipment will cost in the region of £2000 plus VAT

If resources are available for purchase, storage and operating then the additional  equipment would be very useful:

  • Ride on mower or Trailed, Towed or Mounted if tractor available
  • Pedestrian Spiker/Slitter or Tractor with trailed or mounted Spiker/slitter
  • Fertiliser spreader
  • Chain harrow or large drag mat

The above additional equipment will cost in the region of £10,000 plus VAT if it is purchased reconditioned used equipment.

For cricket square maintenance see the cricket section on tasks and operations

Many clubs will need to use a specialist contractor and you can find further information in the module ‘Employing a Specialist contractor’.