The provision of good quality pitches  is crucial for all sports played on natural or artificial turf surfaces. The pitch needs to be enjoyable and safe to play on and be available for play except in the most extreme weather conditions.

To make this happen the pitch needs to be effectively maintained throughout the year. This work is carried out by groundsmen, men and women, who have the skills, knowledge and experience to assess what is required and ensure that it is carried out at the right time and in the right way. This is what we mean by groundsmanship.


'The groundsmanship role can be as important as a top coach or a star player'

The role of the groundsman and their team of grounds staff is critical at all clubs. If properly supported and trained the role of the groundsman and their team can be  extremely satisfying for those who are involved and can make a contribution that is as important as a top coach or a star player in the club.

If the pitch is not properly maintained and managed then the surface will quickly deteriorate. The poor playing surface will cause matches to be postponed and cancelled, with a potential loss off income and subsequent cost for remedial works as a result.

How you can help as a volunteer

The role of the groundsman is wide and varied and, except at the smallest of sites, cannot be carried out by one person. The groundsman needs a team of volunteers who can help them carry out the necessary work at the right time. This also helps free up the groundsman’s time for more specialist tasks.

You may have limited time available to help either during the week or before/after matches. However, your support is still very valuable as there are many important tasks that can be undertaken in one or two hours a week.

With support and guidance from your groundsman and by making full use of the resources available from this website, there are many tasks that you can do on your own or as part of a team supporting the groundsman. These tasks range from pre-match pitch inspections to repairing damaged/worn out areas of pitch. All of these tasks will help improve the playing surface and save your club money.