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During and at the end of a match depressions are formed by the players at the pitch ends, on the creases. Repairing these allows the match to continue or the pitch to be used for another game. A repair during a game must be able to take the wear from bowlers using the pitch.

What’s involved

There are two types of repair:-

1. A repair when the pitch will be used soon afterwards. This is when damp cricket loam is used.

2. A long term repair when grass seed is sown to establish a grass surface.

In both cases dig out the hole removing all loose material, water the hole, add damp cricket loam and tamp down with a rammer, and then leave to dry.

Timing of use

As required at the end of each game.

Effects of incorrect procedure

If the repairs are not secure the bowler will not be confident in bowling at full pace due to their footing.

Equipment needed

Brush, watering can, damp cricket loam, a bolster chisel, hammer, rammer and a straight edge. Plus a rake and seed for a long term repair.

Practical Tips

Keep some cricket loam moist in a bucket in the shed so you are always ready for a repair.

Ensure the area you repair is level with its surroundings.