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To create a playing surface which is safe with good pace and bounce and an even balance for bat and ball.

What’s involved

This procedure features the following operations. Try to begin 10-14 days before the match

1. Identify the pitch

2. Brush the pitch

3. Mow the pitch

4. Rake out/Scarify the pitch

5. Irrigate the pitch

6. Roll the pitch

7. Brush, mow and roll the pitch over remaining time

8. Mark the pitch

Timing of use

As a guide: Approximately 10-14 days before the match, NOT less than 5.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Incorrect pitch preparation will result in a slow, low pitch with erratic bounce or carry.

Equipment needed

See Operations.

Practical Tips

The degree in which each operation is done will depend on the square construction and the way the ground dries.