1. To lift creeping stems and leaves before mowing to create an even surface.
  2. To remove dew and prevent disease in autumn and winter.
  3. To work materials into the turf surface.
  4. To clean up rubbish from pitch ends after a game.

How it’s used

The moving of a brush against the surface of the turf. They can be pulled by a Groundsman or be tractor mounted if conditions allow the tractor on the surface.

Timing of use

As required.

Effects of incorrect procedure

If lateral grass growth is not removed, layers of thatch will be produced thus reducing the pace and bounce on pitches.

Equipment needed

Drag Brush – A pedestrian power brush

Combi-rake – A tractor mounted brush for larger areas

Practical Tips

In pitch preparation, brush the surface before each cut to lift the grass plant to remove more grass from the surface.