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Also called Reel mowers, the aim is to cut grass cleanly and at a low height of cut.

How it’s used

The cutting blades mounted on a cylinder move in a vertical plane and cuts due to action of the cylinder blades against the bottom blade, like a pair of scissors.

Timing of use

To get a clean cut always mow in the dry, brushing the surface before mowing to lift the grass.

Effects of incorrect procedure

A cylinder mower that is not set to cut correctly will tear the grass and leave white threads on the grass and allow diseases to attack.

Equipment needed

There are many manufactures of cylinder mowers so look for the feature you need. To cut a pitch you need a high clip rate which means either a minimum of 9 blades on the cylinder or a high speed of cylinder rotation.

Practical Tips

To improve your clip rate use a cylinder mower with a separate control for the blades and a forward motion. Engage the blades but push the mower slowly to increase clip rate.