To ensure that the goals are safe for use and ready for play.


Manual. Check for:

  • Rot, splits, cracks, rust, old paint or splinters.
  • Are net hooks, eyes or ties of an approved design?
  • If the goals are portable; are they anchored?
  • Are flags in the correct position and conform to the regulation design?


Immediately prior to match (should allow min of 45 mins)

Effects of Incorrect Procedure:

  • Delay to start of match to allow remedial action.
  • Match postponed by officials.
  • Players injured
  • Controversial decision.
  • Reported to league


  • Step ladders
  • Ties/fastener
  • Socket set or spanners.

Practical Tips:

  • Best completed by 2 people to ensure it is safely completed.
  • Keep team/match officials informed of any issues.