What is it?

Iron (Fe) is a micronutrient and can be present in high quantities in the soil but unavailable to the grass plant. As well as a nutrient, Iron is used to produce a cosmetic green-up and to control moss and algae.

How it’s used

Iron can be applied as ferrous sulphate or in a chelated form. Ferrous sulphate is mainly used as a foliar spray. Iron can be applied in a compound or as a single nutrient for the control of moss and for it acidifying effect on the soil.

Timing of use

Iron is applied in the spring to control moss prior to light scarification, and in the autumn and winter to give colour without a lot of leaf growth.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Care must be taken when applying Iron as it can easily scorch the grass plant. Also over application on the square can prevent clay from binding, thus reducing pace and bounce.

Equipment needed

Tractor and pedestrian fertiliser spreaders and spray equipment.

Practical Tips

When spraying Iron, dilute with some warm water when possible to help get the iron into solution.