Synthetic surfaces provide an alternative surface when the natural squares are not fit or when a large number of people, such as a school, want to play cricket. Synthetic surfaces are also used when the maintenance of natural pitches is not possible.

What’s involved

There are two main construction methods of a synthetic surface:

1. Engineered - solid concrete or tarmac base.

2. Dynamic - stone based, this base aims to copy the way a natural pitch alters with different water content.

Synthetic surfaces are not maintenance free; the carpet needs cleaning and the dynamic base need re-levelling and rolling on a regular basis.

Timing of use

During the cricket season, mainly for practice purposes.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Lack of maintenance will cause the surface to become dirty, and a lack of rolling can cause the surface to become uneven and dangerous.

Equipment needed

Roller and marking equipment.

Practical Tips

If you have enough room position the synthetic surface away from the square so games can be played when the square is damp.