What is it?

A soil used on the square to create cricket pitches. This soil has a clay content of between 26% and 36%.

How it’s used

  1. To create a section of the square, ideally 100mm minimum.
  2. To Top Dress the square as part of autumn renovation.
  3. To repair pitch ends.

Timing of use

Used throughout the season to repair pitch ends. Used in the autumn to Top Dress during renovation.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Applying the incorrect cricket loam will effect pace and bounce on the square.

Applying too much and failing to integrate can be detrimental to pitch performance.

Equipment needed

Application is by hand using powered and hand driven top dressers and lutes. A straight edge is needed to ensure correct levels.

Practical Tips

Always use the same soil type to avoid creating layers in the square, thus reducing pace.